Sunday, 19 December 2010

Reshooting - New Proposal

We have decided to reshoot our film opening, completely changing the second half of it. For our new film opening we are going to go from the first dream sequence into another dream sequence before the character wakes up at the end. This dream within a dream idea was influenced by Christopher Nolan's sci-fi/action/thriller Inception.

Our basic idea for our film opening now is:
-"Vertigo Cinema" title card
- "Simplaz" title card
- Same opening as before, the long POV shot across the white room, intercut with images of Grace dying
- "A BAT IN THE BELFRY" title card.
- Out of focus shot of spilled wine glass (though not recognisable at first, mainly would show red which signifies the blood of previous scene) slowly focuses in.
- Shot of Paul waking up in dark room. The room is cluttered and strange in appearance, with objects positioned very strangely - most prominently a sofa on it's side.
- Paul walks across to the mirror. Quick flicker of Grace looking back at him. He notices Grace laying/standing on the sofa behind him.
- He walks over grabs her hand, and kneels down. Almost proposal type of position.
- Another Grace walks through the door. Paul is confused by what he sees - he tries to shake it all off as if it is a bad memory.
- He looks at the window wishing for escape. Again a quick flicker of Grace in his reflection.
- Other Grace walks across the room towards him.
- He turns around and a shot reverse shot sequence begins. The two have a conversation with echo effects, though their mouths never move.
- This is intercut with all the sections above playing in reverse back to when his lying down.
- It is also intercut with slow motion shots of the aforementioned wine glass falling down to the floor.
- Final shots are the wine glass smashing, and returning to the shot mentioned earlier. And finally extreme close up of Paul's eye opening.

The overall plot of the film is the same as the previous version, though we decided to completely change the second section as it looked the interest and creativity shown by the first one. The impossibilties for creativity when working around dreams is endless, so we felt another dream sequence that contrasted the first one would be very interesting. It meant we could work in the same artistic manner as we did on the first dream sequence, and help further create confusion in amongst the viewers.

As the film is the same genre as previously, the films watched as research is the same. But we also want to take influence from French New Wave films and Surrealist films such as Un Chien Andalou (An Andalucian Dog) by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel. French New Wave also influenced the quick montages in Darren Aronofsky's Requiem For A Dream, so it should go hand in hand with our film.

For the revised storyboard click here.

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